The Ebullient Classroom: Active Learning for Social Science College Classrooms:

This book is a well-researched handbook for first-time college-level instructors. Its purpose is to help new adjuncts and graduate students incorporate active learning strategies into their anthropology and sociology classrooms. Included in its pages are worksheets, templates, and example activities to get you started. This book teaches readers how to engage with their students in co-collaborative and learner-centric ways.

Divided into two parts, it’s meant to be a quick read, with student materials handy. If you have the leisure, feel free to delve into the resources stashed in the footnotes, but it's formatted for the 3 a.m. scramble –the desperate search fueled by caffeine and breakfast tacos—to find a way to spark life into the zombie eyes of undergrads who will march into your classroom at 8 a.m.